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When given a perfect diamond – you flaunt it! That is what the FPA team delivered at the Leadership Conference. Your opening session was the best that I have seen in 10 years. The information you presented was extremely useful. We are already using a couple of the concepts at our chapter.

Being able to connect with everyone in the audience was artful. Your sense of humor supported the concepts so they would be remembered. Attendees left the room talking about how good the session was. That’s the real payoff!

I hope that FPA will bring you again.

Christine P. Brown, Chapter Executive Happy Client Logo
How to Say Anything to Anyone by Shari Harley

It's Your Career, Manage It! Creating the Career and Work Environment You Want

it's your career manage it thumbnailMany professionals are waiting for their boss or mentor to provide the training, coaching, and exposure they need to advance their career. The truth is it’s up to each employee to create opportunities, gain visibility, and get the feedback they need to strengthen their performance and position themselves for future roles in the organization.

It’s Your Career. Manage It! provides the specific language to use to establish candid relationships with direct supervisors, mentors, coaches, and coworkers.  Employees will know what to say to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t at work. Managers and coaches will get the language and tools they need to guide direct reports and coachees into a future they’re excited about.

Benefits of Business Communication Training:

•  Start new relationships powerfully and strengthen existing relationships.
•  Create more trust in your office and business relationships.
•  Take charge of your career.
•  Get more feedback.
•  Give more feedback in a way both you and the recipient are comfortable.
•  Have productive coaching relationships and meetings. Get the most out of mentoring and coaching relationships.

Agenda for Business Communication Training:

•  Set expectations in new and existing relationships.
•  Structure mentoring and coaching relationships so they are useful and productive.
•  Get tools to make mentoring and coaching meetings focused and helpful.
•  Get more useful feedback.
•  Give feedback in a way that others can hear you.
•  Tell others what you need from your job and workplace in order to remain satisfied and productive.

Our Business Communication Training Program is:

This program is interactive, practical, and hands on. Participants will practice using new tools and language to create the career and business relationships they want.

Who Should Attend Our Corporate Communication Training:

Professionals & their direct supervisors, coaches & mentors.

Business Communication Training Program Length:

60-minutes to a full day, depending on content.

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