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Wow. That was the first thing that registered in my brain, when you got going. Wow. This lady is funny! She really knows what she’s talking about! I frantically took notes on things that I could apply to the issue I was dealing with that very morning. Listening to your speech made me realize that the entire issue we were having was due to a communication break down between a customer, my ops team, and myself. People were emailing instead of calling, which made certain people feel that their needs weren’t a priority. The customer was calling the wrong person because they assumed they were the right person. Basically, the whole thing boiled down to communication, or lack thereof- Lack of asking the important questions, Lack of asking the customer how they wanted to communicate with us around a specific topic.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. After your session, I dashed back to my rental car and jumped on the phone with my team and then with our customer. The issue was resolved right there in the parking lot.

Thank you once again for making such a big impact and helping to solve my workplace dilemma. I’m looking forward to sharing your innovative way of approaching communication in the workplace and applying it to my work life in the future.

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How to Say Anything to Anyone by Shari Harley

What We Do Business Communication Keynote Speeches
and Training Programs

Shari Harley

  • Leadership and Sales Training: Inside organizations and at conferences and events.
  • Speaking: Keynote speaking, master of ceremonies, conference breakout speaker and workshop facilitator.
  • Facilitation: Meetings, retreats and strategic planning sessions.
  • Business Consulting and Coaching: Executive, management and organizational effectiveness.
  • Products: Sales and leadership training resources to manage business relationships effectively.

What You’ll Get

  • Real world, practical tools that are easy-to-use and don’t cost money.
  • Direct and honest leadership and sales training to solve business challenges.
  • Business consulting using relevant examples that make training programs come to life.
  • A fun, engaging and energetic delivery. Because people learn better when they’re having fun.
  • Unique sales and leadership training designed specifically for your organization.

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Business Training Content and Materials

Shari’s leadership and sales training programs and business consulting are useful. Participants receive easy-to-implement tools that make an immediate difference. Clients report that even a year after a single program, employees are still using Shari’s Candor Questions to start and strengthen business relationships. Her leadership training and sales training programs have unusual “sticking power.”

Corporate Training Can Be Fun?

Shari is anything but boring. Some clients admit they hire Shari, who also does stand-up comedy, because they know people will have a great time attending her business training – aka participants will be awake and engaged. Shari appreciates that people think she’s high energy and fun, but fun is not enough. If participants leave a short speech or a longer corporate training program and don’t know exactly what to do and how to do it, then the program was not a good use of time or money. Shari will go work at Taco Bell the day her tools and materials don’t add immediate value.

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