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I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your book, I am 55 pages into it and I’m actually excited to read more. This does not happen too often with business books!

It is candid and to the point and easy to apply to both personal and work relationships. Kudos to you for getting out there and speaking up about all the day-to-day dysfunctional relationships we have.

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How to Say Anything to Anyone by Shari Harley

Who Works With Us Who Uses Our Leadership, Sales & Communication Training

We are consistently amazed at the diversity of our training and consulting clients. But it makes sense. Everyone wants to work well with their customers and employees.

You can perfect your products, but how you talk to your customers and employees is always a work in process.

Management Leadership Development for:

Shari Harley’s leadership training and executive management training is a great fit when leaders and managers can be heard saying:

  • “I have this great person on my team. If only they’d _____.”
  • “I’d give more feedback if people didn’t become so defensive.”
  • “If only he weren’t so difficult to work with.”
  • “Our staff needs to work better together.”
  • “We need to promote from within so our employees feel like they can have a career here.”

Shari Harley’s sales training is a great fit when sales and customer service agents can be heard saying:

  • “We sell multiple products, but many of our customers only buy one.”
  • “We lost a big account and thought the customer was happy.”
  • “We need to build better relationships with our customers.”
  • “We send out surveys, but don’t get a lot of customer feedback.”
  • “We can’t compete on price.”

Corporations That Use Our Leadership & Sales Training

Keynote Speaking and Training for Corporations
Shari led training and operations for 15 years before starting her business. She sold services, hired and managed teams and led 200 remote, matrixed employees in 21 nationwide locations. She knows the challenges of meeting customers’ expectations and getting departments to work together, while vying for resources.

Government Agencies That Use Our Leadership Training & Management Consulting Services

Training and Keynote Speaking for Goverment Agencies

Associations That Use our Speaking, Training & Consulting Services

Shari Harley

Shari served on the board of the National Speakers Association and led Professional Development (programming) for two years. Shari understands what makes association boards and chapter events work.

Association Staff & Volunteer Leadership:

Associations are unique. Who else besides association staff and board members gets a new boss every year? Because association leadership changes so frequently, it is essential that boards of directors have a clear vision and work well together quickly.

Association Membership:

It has never been so hard to get and keep members who have to be selective in how they invest their professional development dollars. Most associations lost 20 – 30% of their members in the last two years. And the average age of members, in most associations, is 55. If associations are going to both survive and thrive, they need to get, engage and keep younger members.


  • MC’s and speaks about leadership and sales at association conferences and meetings.
  • Facilitates leadership development and sales training outside of chapter meetings and conferences.
  • Facilitates leadership training for board retreats, helping boards of directors work well together, hone their vision and mission and create a tight strategic plan.

Colleges and Universities That Use Our Leadership & Management Training

Administrator and Faculty Leadership Training and Consulting

Shari led Student Affairs – Student Services, Career Development and Alumni Relations – for 20 college campuses around the country before launching her leadership and sales training business. She understands the balance of meeting student, administrator and faculty needs.

Not-for-Profits and Foundations