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Are You in or Out? Manage the Impressions You Create

I admit it, it’s one of my pet peeves –calling someone and getting a voicemail message that says the person is traveling and will return to the office on May 24th, when it’s July 1st. I don’t know why this bugs me, it just does. It creates the impression that the person is a little out of it.

While we’re on voicemail pet peeves, why not list a few more:

  • voicemail messages that sound like the message was recorded from a busy, street corner
  • a voicemail message that promises to return your call as soon as possible, when this person never returns calls
  • people who leave LONG messages with a phone number that is said so quickly that even after listening to the message four times, you can’t make out the number
  • emails that say the person is out of the office, but don’t say when she is returning

Be careful and aware of the impression you’re creating.

Are your voicemails and emails consistent with how you want to be perceived by others? Do you even know? Call your phone and listen to how your voicemail message sounds. And if you don’t think others will like what they hear, change the message.

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